Mobile App needs work

I know this thing was re-designed a few years ago, but it still sucks.

My chief complaints:

1) It keeps logging me out after a time of inactivity. Heck, my Gmail account keeps me logged in. As it is, it takes about 5 or 6 taps, plus holding my finger on the home button to log back in. How come I can't have an option to "Keep me logged in"?

2) the filter for "Games only" includes games that are cancelled. If the game is CANCELLED, then it is NOT a game. Get them off the list!

3) Push Notification. Many times I will see the notification icon on my phone next to the app icon. But after logging in, I don't know where to go to find such new notifications. Is it under Schedule?  Inbox? Arbiter Pay? I usually end up in ALL THREE areas, and multiple times before the number goes away. TELL ME WHERE THE NOTIFICATION IS.

4) The Inbox. This is useless. I would like to NOT use it. I get emailed and text messaged everything I need anyway. I don't need this. Worse, I cannot clear out messages. I have messages going back to January 2017 (about 30 months ago) that I cannot remove. Why?

5) Touch ID. This just does NOT work. Sorry. I tried enabling it and then couldn't log in, had to type in my password manually. Wouldn't even allow me to use saved passwords. 


You guys should re-open the Mobile App review you had when you first started. It should be an on-going process, not a do it once, push it out and be done with it.


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