Use at least six mos to sync games to personal calendar

Since arbiter as yet is not capable of recording a payment for the game worked (even a check mark is a good start) I record a pmt on my personal calendar just above the actual game as a separate event. What I’ve found is that arbiter **only syncs games for about two months**. As the checks eventually come in and then recorded by me, often enough the game event is GONE or I see a paid entry but no game below to associate the pmt with. It defeats the entire purpose to have to cross reference with arbiter for dates of games now not synced in my calendar ...via arbiter mobile. DESK CALENDAR PAGES AND OTHER PAPERS ARE CASCADING SLOWLY TO THE GROUND AS WE PRAY FOR A FIX. Thanks....[ P S: It doesn’t matter if it’s the google calendar, the Iphone calendar or ur personal calendar that gets synced from google or the iPhone from arbiter]


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