Arbiter Paid Verified Games lock you out from doing paysheets.


Issues with generating paysheet due to the software upgrade.  Now when a Bill To pays by Arbiter Pay, it will lock the game and prevent the ability to verify the match.  This means a phone call has to be made to Arbiter Support to have them run a special report.  Also, it means, that now paysheets to collect assigning fees cannot be processed normally but require them to be processed through support.  Then the numbers must be physically added to the paysheets for each official.  Also now, you are not able to balance the paysheets to invoices, in what world is that a good thing.  Doing this allows cross-referencing in case things do not balance, it was rare last year, but not too long ago it was an issue.  Now with information being dropped and match fees having been lost and then recreated, there is no easy way to balance this.

I continue to deal with poorly written code and woeful execution in deployment that costs me money and wasted hours.  Maybe down the road, things will be better, but I can tell you right now and for the last 6 plus months it has been HORRIBLE!!!!  Every time I set aside time to get things done in Arbiter, it takes twice as long and requires several calls to support to resolve issues than previously.


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