arbitersports.force.com vs arbitersports.zendesk.com

What's the difference between ArbiterSports on Force.com and Zendesk.com?

On the Main Page I have 3 buttons - Support Articles, Support Forum, Product Feedback.  And even though I am logged into ArbiterSports.com, when I click on those links I have to log in again.

This site says it is ArbiterSports 'Support'.  But is it really just for 'bug reports' and 'feature requests'?

IF this is (only) for bug reports and feature requests, I think it would be much more helpful (to officials and to you) if there were a set of standard feature/function keywords that you provided (maybe in a dropdown) for users to select when posting and to use when searching.  Right now it seems that comments are scattered all over the place.

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