Receiving the same notification 42 times.

Good afternoon,

I hope this post finds you well. I just wanted to ask why I am receiving the very same e-mail for a change in a game 42 times. One of my partners has been unassigned from a game and that change has been sent to me 6 times at 5:07pm, 6 times on 5:08pm, 12 times on 5:12pm, 3 times on 6:03pm, 3 times on 6:04pm, 6 times on 7:01pm, 6 times on 7:02pm.

Last night my arbiter-app would continue sending me the "you have new assignments" notifications on my Android device multiple times, althoug it was only two batches of games. That I had already received and confirmed on the first try.

On an unrelated issue I also noticed that the arbiter-app is showing messages and payments as unread, although I read them on my pc... and since they were still showing unread I read (or at least clicked on them and scrolled to the end) two times more on my app and still those e-mails and payments show as unread when I log in at a later point in time.

There seems to be an issue with your handler or tokens that identify the object by status ("read")... maybe an IT-guy can look into that. Shouldn't be too hard for a professional to figure that out.


Thank you very much,


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