More Advanced Schedule Sharing

As Arbiter has become the main assignment source for multiple levels of competition across multiple sports, managing availability across levels has been much more of a challenge.  The sharing feature has it exists today protects privacy (good) but doesn't assist officials in managing multiple levels of assignments.

In some sports there is an organized assignment path.  Say in sport X, the College D1 assignments come out, then the College D2, then the College D3 and then HS and then req leagues.  But in many sports it isn't as organized.  Various assigners at various levels schedule at various time.  As an official you want to be available for the highest level game but also be able to fill your schedule.  Currently this can be managed in one of two ways.

1. You have multiple arbiter accounts and you have to manage availability and blocks across all of them.  This is very complicated, and restricts usage of things like mobile app, etc.  Lets say - I have tried this and it really isn't worth it.

2. You have a single arbiter account, accept games, but have to tell various assigners that they can override assignments (and hope they will, or will at least consider you if you have a conflict) and then communicate to a lower level assigner that you have a game.  In practical terms, most assigners look for open officials, not officials with conflicts with lower level assignments.

Feature Request:

Sharing should be enhanced to allow for multiple levels of availability. 

This assumes that there is a difference between a block (I am not available and a conflict, I have a seperate assignment). 

I should be able to setup a hierarchy of availability.  My X level assigners should see me as open unless I have another assignment in the same grouping.  My Y level assigners might assign me game but be willing to let me out of it if an X level assignment comes in.  

In this way, those of us that work multiple levels can show as available at various levels.  I would imagine that 3 definable levels would be all that is necessary.  Be default all assigners are in a single level, but for those of us working multiple levels this would allow us to set more flexible availability and help assigners get the best officials on their own games.

I could imagine a leveling of College, HS, Other.  I could take plenty of other games, but if a HS game comes in, turnback the Other,  If a College game comes in, turning back the HS, etc.  After 3 levels it might get too confusing to manage.  I would image 3 levels would capture most of the usage.  

I recognize that this might be complicated with a relational backend database as I believe Arbiter has.  But this would be VERY beneficial to a number of scenarios for both officials and assigners.  It helps assigners get the best officials and not have to try to look at conflicts while helping officials get the best possible games.

Happy to discuss more about this idea and its applicability.  


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