Must speak with tech support re:error message!

I cannot access my schedule via Arbiter Mobile! I have been unsuccessfully trying
to reach your non-existant "Tech Support" Department for several weeks, without
a response. My ArbiterSports Mobile Ap does not work!!!

The error message reads, as follows:
"The value "[]" is not of type "Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject" and cannot
be used in this generic collection. Parameter name: value"

How does your business function without an active and readily accessible Tech Support Department? Literally thousands of schools, sports leagues and teams; and busy Assignors, Coaches and Officials pay annual fees to publish and access their daily scheduling information via the Arbiter Sports Applications and websites.          Please respond to this message at your earliest possible convenience. 

Note: For several weeks, your Ap has been inoperative on my iPhone, iPad and PC. I am forced to re-enter my sign information, every time I need to access my officiating schedule; which is often several times, per day -- especially prior to the start of a new season, and in inclement weather! I am an active, hard working Basketball Referee and Baseball Umpire! 

I am extremely frustrated with ArbiterSports' apparent dis-interest in providing technical support to its customers. Please have someone contact me immediately!


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