Site Tab in ArbiterGame

It would be great if we had a site view in ArbiterGame for tournaments that we host and pay for. This is currently the issue we are having.

We are running into the problem where our schools are hosting these massive tournaments where they aren’t the home team every game. While the officials do flow to the payment screen, our schools are wanting to see those games in their schedule and be able to print vouchers for those games.

Now, I understand you can build a tournament in AG and then it will flow to AO for the assignor to then assign those games. However, most of these tournaments have already been built by the assignor beforehand. Therefore, both parties are having to do tons of extra work to get those officials to show in the schedule.


I am just confused as to why the bill-to wouldn’t drive things to the schedule? The bill-to reflects who the responsible party is for payment and therefore I would think they would have the games shown in their schedule. Our schools that aren’t AG can see tournament games in their schedule list so why wouldn’t our AG schools be able to do the same?


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