Switch Views: Organization Name

Can I please put in a HUGE VOTE for the ability to sort (dynamic or permanent) the organization list in the switch view panel?

I am a member of 17 organizations!

The list appears in order of the organization number - some ID that Arbiter likely assigns that means nothing to an official.  The names of the organizations are what matters.  It would be HIGHLY DESIRABLE (to me) to be able to see the organization list sorted by NAME so that I can find the one I want more easily.

A "frills" option would be for me to provide my own personal nickname for each organization entry, and be able to sort by that value.  But I am not asking for that, only mentioning another view of an official.

I know that it is not from officials that you make money - it is from organizations and their assignors.  So I understand your focusing your programming resources on those features.  But the largest bulk use of your system *must* be by officials.  And even though we do not pay the bills, we do deserve a better UI.

Thanks for listening,

  -carl jones



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