READ BEFORE POSTING - Guidelines and Getting Started

This forum is a place where you can discuss your ideas for making your experience on ArbiterSports better.  While we welcome open discussion, there are some guidelines.


  1. Search the forums before starting a new feature request.  You can VOTE for a suggestion by clicking the up arrow on the left of a thread.  Keeping discussion on a single thread helps create a good dialogue and allows us to see how many votes it received.
  2. Any inappropriate, threatening, or disrespectful posts may be removed. 
  3. Any ideas that have been ruled out may be removed.  We will post ideas that have been ruled out to keep the forums easier to search and discuss topics that are possible.


A few tips on writing your suggestion

1) Choose a good title - be very specific. Instead of naming your thread "suggestion", "idea", try something like "Display Transactions from my ArbiterPay Account." This will help other users find and contribute to your thread, and drive more discussion around the topic.

2) Use clear, concise explanations, concept art or screenshots where applicable. General, unspecific, high-level ideas are great, but we can't do much without the proper information!  When referencing a specific page or report, the steps to get there help us know exactly what you are referring to.

3) When replying, keep your feedback constructive and helpful. If you think the idea won't work, explain why, rather than calling it stupid (or worse yet, the person).

Given the nature of our products, we cannot always say what is coming in the next version or what is being worked on. While we like to discuss your ideas, please don't expect that we can respond to every thread or consider every idea! The best ideas will be discussed frequently by the Community and will surface to the top in that manner. Do not bump or spam your thread or ideas just because no one is responding!

That's about it Looking forward to hearing about the ideas and suggestions you come up with!


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