Show Tournament Games on Schedule Page

Tournaments do not display as they should.  When a school creates a tournament, the specific tournament dates are not listed, the entire date range of the tournament displays even if no games are being played on a certain date within that date range.  Only dates with games should display...

Even more so, the specific game data should display.  The Individual games for each team needs to display on that teams event list page in Arbitergame not the general tournament info.  In addition any games a particular school hosts in that tournament (regardless of who is playing in that game) should display on that schools arbiter game events list page. 

Summary: Rather than listing the name of the tournament on the date ranges for that tournament...and then being able to click on the title to see the details...The following should happen.

1. List each teams individual games for that tournament on their own ArbiterGame events list page.

2. List each game that a school might be hosting for that tournament on their ArbiterGame events list page.

If you still feel it is important for the tournament name and Play dates (not date range) to display then you can keep that info along but also list items 1 and 2 above separately...


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