READ FIRST: Guidelines and Getting Started

Welcome to our Product Feedback Forum for school staff members and coaches!  We appreciate your time to share your ideas.  Please review the information below to make the feedback forum successful for you.

How to Share Feedback

  1. Features and updates - If you have a feature request or update, first check to see if someone else has posted it.  If they have, you can click on the item and vote for it by using the up arrow to the left of the title. 
    If the suggestion has not been made, please use the New Post button in the upper right of the page.  Be sure to title your post in a clear way.  For example, if my suggestion was to email the parents who had signed up for ArbiterLive notifications, I would title it "Email ArbiterLive Followers" or something similar.  The more clear the title is, the more likely others are to click on it and vote it up!
  2. Bugs or issues - If you run into a bug, please submit a request through ArbiterGame using the Support button.  When submitting the request, mark that your request is a bug so that we can route it correctly.
    For bugs, please be as specific as possible on the steps you take that cause the bug.
  3. Speed issues - If you have consistent speed issues on the site, report them the same way as a bug.  The more descriptive you are the more likely we can look into your specific issue.


We will update items to show the current status once we have enough feedback to make a decision.  This is what each status means.

  1. Completed - We have implemented a solution to the problem.  At times, we may take a different approach than asked for (there are many reasons for this), but it will meet the need.
  2. Planned - This is perhaps the most puzzling status.  When we mark it as planned, it means that we are doing more investigation into how it may work and gathering more information.  It should not be expected to be released the next day.  Planned items may be released anytime within the following 6 months.
  3. Not Planned - Some ideas are outside of our core business or would cause poor performance on the site.  In those cases, we are transparent and will indicate that the request isn't something we plan on doing.
  4. No Status - The item hasn't received sufficient votes or feedback for us to begin work on it.  If there is an item you are passionate about, vote on it and tell your colleagues to vote as well!


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