Don't Block Entire Day when Declining Assignment

Like many others, I vigilantly keep my blocks up-to-date, but if each one is not individually edited, marked as FIRM, and saved, then assignors can ignore the blocks and assign me to a game anyway. Then when I decline such an assignment during a time I had clearly blocked, the system BY DEFAULT creates a block for the entire day that only the assignor can remove, and only if I ask nicely and they have the time.

This is inappropriate and inaccurate. I create blocks for specific times, let's honor those please, either by defaulting blocks to a FIRM setting or defaulting the assignor preference option to NOT create a block at all, or at least only block the declined time span, certainly not the entire day!

Perhaps both suggestions need to be implemented.

Assignors can currently set a preference in the system (somewhere) that indicates what the system should do when an official declines an assignment. However, some assignors are clearly unaware of this option, and the default option of blocking the entire day is downright evil and time-consuming for all involved.

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