Terrible Service

I wonder why it takes nearly 20 minutes and counting to reach a support tech and 22 seconds to reach a sales representative.  I believe there is a direct correlation between how busy support seems to be and the amount of people calling sales for their product.  I am an Athletic Director in the state of Ohio.  I have never waited less than 15-20 minutes to speak with support.  I am not the only AD frustrated with Arbiter.   Why was this software rolled out before testing to ensure proper functionality?  Every time I try to another function of the Arbiter is supposed to have the capability of completing, I end up on hold for what is now going on 25 minutes.  Arbiter is cumbersome and ill-equipped to deal with the time constraints Athletic Directors encounter day in and day out.  I was in a group of athletic directors from Ohio this morning and they are have the same issues and challenges with Arbiter.  I also spoke with one of our assignors this morning who shared horror stories about Arbiter.  I will be petitioning the OHSAA to find a software package that works and with a company that can support "high call volumes" when there is a problem.  This is terrible


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