Custom Game Numbers - Viewable by Official

I would like to see the ability to show the Custom Game number to officials on a game.  In Minnesota our youth League (MYSA) is now requiring that all officials verify the match number they are assigned to, against the rosters provided by the teams.  

We currently load all the MYSA Game numbers into our Custom Game Number field per recommendation of Arbiter Support as this will allow us to more accurately track games that are canceled, or rained out.  As the Custom Game number can be duplicated in the system.  If we put this MYSA Number in the game number field, we are not allowed to duplicate the game number, so if the game is ever rained-out, or canceled where we need to pay our officials, we are not allowed to use this game number again.  Thus, we would have to change it, making it incorrect going forward. 

Currently there is no way to allow officials to view this custom Game number, or an easy way to upload this information into a spot they can see it (notes area for example).

Does anyone else have this problem?  How are you getting around this issue?

I called support, and they are looking into solutions as well, but am reaching out here to see if anyone else in the community has experienced this issue, and what they did to get around this issue. 


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