Fix the INCONSISTENCY between the data I can see!!



The information displayed by Arbiter is inconsistent and varies depending on the "source" of the information.


Just look at the comparison below:
1. Orange boxes highlights the two teams playing.

  • Website lists home and away teams and the site.
  • Mobile version of the website says "Walla Walla @ Pasco"
  • The native iPhone app has "Pasco @ Walla Walla"

2. Green boxes highlight the position assignments.

  • Website has (correctly) an Umpire UIC and an Umpire listed.
  • iCAL has both assigned partners listed as the Umpire UIC.
  • I've had SOCCER and BASKETBALL positions listed for umpires. 

3. Red boxes highlight pay discrepancy.

4. The iCAL subscription doesn't tell me the away team.

5. The iCAL subscription give me contact info for my partner.

6. The native iPhone app DOESN'T LIST my PARTNER.

How can the data show up so differently when its all being pulled from the same database?!?


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