Add Days/Site to Assigning Entries under Sport/Level

Under Sports/Levels, there are excellent assigning related entries which allows the supervisor/booking agent to dictate the days/game, days/home team, days/visiting team and days/partner. But another entry we really need is days/site. This would prevent an official returning to the same site the next day if a value of 2 was entered. When assigning tournaments with the teams "TBA", the addition of Days/Site would allow the assigner to determine how soon the official can return to the tournament.

Background: I have been booking tournaments for the past two weeks - 200 games and 600 slots so far and counting.  The tournaments are generally held in one location. For example, ABC High School hosted the 2A Central Conference tournament at their site on 2/17, 2/18 and 2/19. Unfortunately, I inadvertently had some of the same officials going back to the same site the next day.  Generally speaking, this should not happen in high school basketball if there are multiple opportunities to go somewhere else.  If we could dictate that an official could not return to the game site for 1, 2, 5 days or whatever, this would have eliminated the multiple reassignments that I had to process overnight when the officials started sending me emails to alert me to the issue of returning to the same site less than 24 hours later. The issue with returning to the same site is that they may work the same teams again less than 24 hours later and we need to avoid this.

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