Mass Text option instead of mass email

I have not found this option so I'm assuming it is not available. If it is please let me know as it is highly desired. 

Arbiter obviously already has an SMS software utilized by arbiter connected. Why cant you make this feature available to administrators? Last minute changes, or a multitude of other problems/concerns, could be much more efficiently sent to our officials via text rather than via email. 

This is something our association would gladly pay for as I'm sure many other would as well. 

Even if it was limited to "Check your arbiter Announcement page" or something generic like that. 

90% of our official get the emails instantaneously. However, there is still that small % that resist change. Sometimes a call/text is days quicker than an email for whatever reason. It would just be nice to tool to have available when a quick response/notification is required.  


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