Pay for Assignors

We pay our assignors a percentage of the game fee listed for the official. This is taken out of the officials pay automatically. However, the deducted amount doesn't go anywhere, it is just deducted from the officials pay when creating paysheets.

We have to then manually list out the appropriate games and calculate the assignors' fees in order to pay them. The payroll system could have this added to have "Assignor" as well as the current "Bill To" and "Official" categories.

We could add another "position" to the games, but the pay amount is a percentage of the official's pay and the pay for the assignor is not part of the fee charged to the "Bill To" for the game. So this method is problematic.

Ideally we could designate an assignor to each match (must be able to do this with a mass update just like the "Bill Tos") and have Payroll run the paysheet.

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