It currently takes us 12 steps to save and send an invoice to our clients via an email account because there is no way to send the invoice directly from Arbiter.

During our busy season we have over 150 clients that need to be billed each month in order to ensure our payroll account is properly funded. 12 (steps) times 150+ clients equals over 1,800 steps to bill our clients each month. This ends up taking anywhere from 8-10 hours each billing cycle and is getting worse as we grow.

A simple solution would be for Arbiter to install an EMAIL button which would be attached to each invoice, which would go to that account's contact person (which we would set up in advance) for a one step process for billing.
If we use Quick Books or some other "books" program, like Fresh Books, we still have to import all of the information contained within the invoice, such as which teams played, where, and when, plus the totals, which would take even longer than the 12 step process we're currently using to save/send invoices through our email.

Arbiter's solution to this problem for the last 2 years we've been calling about it, is to tell us to have our clients log in to Arbiter, view their invoice, and then pay it. The problem is that our clients do not want to go to Arbiter to do this. We tried this suggestion last year and it was a disaster. Our clients went from taking between 1-3 weeks (on average) to pay, to 4-6 weeks (and some much longer). They simply don't want to have to go through the process of setting up an account, waiting for us to attach them on our end, and find their invoice. Many of our accounts use administrators and accountants to pay their invoices, and they just want the invoice to appear in their inbox, not go searching for it on an unfamiliar website.
Please advise what would make more sense than Arbiter making the invoices sendable via an EMAIL button?

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