Game Counts & Self Assigning

We use self-assigning heavily. However it has significant limitations that really limit its ability to help us get games covered.

We are a soccer referee association. So we have a center Referee position and an Assistant Referee (AR) position.

We want to limit the number of games that an individual can self-assign in a day. However, we want to have a different limit on the Referee position compared to the AR. Other scheduling systems allow setting these two differently but Arbiter only has one "Games Per Day" limit.

There is the ability to set the AR position to "skip count" in the sport setup. We have done this and sure enough I can self-assign to as many games in the AR position as will fit in a day.

Now comes the quirk. As soon as I self-assign a center referee position (which does not skip count) one game is "added" to my game count. Good so far. Now as soon as I hit the games per day limit then I no longer see any games on that day. I can no longer self-assign any games for either AR or referee.

We want to allow officials to sign up for say no more than 2 referee positions but if they can also help cover 3 more AR positions we want them to be able to do so.

The way Arbiter is setup now this can happen IF the official signs up for AR positions first and then adds referee positions. This defeats what we are trying to do, which is to help fill up the AR positions after the referee positions are filled.

We really just need a couple things changed for this to be workable.
1) Don't stop showing the games when the limit is reached. Show all the games that are on the schedule. Only allow self-assigning to those games that don't overlap; that the official has rank to do; or has no other blocks. This would bring visibility to where help is needed. If an official isn't ranked but wants to work a game he now knows which games need help and he can request the game from the assignor.

2) Allow positions with "skip count" set to be assigned after the games per day limit has been reached. This would fix the quirk that exists now. However, for this to work the games can't disappear so 1) must happen too.


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