More Useful Self-Assign

We would like a more useful self assign function.

Whenever we list a slot as "Self-Assign," it's because we're in a pinch and don't have anyone listed as available or within the appropriate distance of the site.

In addition to the existing functionality for Self-Assign, we would like to have a more proactive capability.

Self-Assign is an extremely passive function. One simple improvement would be to move the "Self-Assign" menu button to a more visible location. Also, when SA games are available, the button background could be red or blink...or both.

A much better solution would be a proactive version. The ability to send a slot to multiple officials, with the explanation very different than the normal "You have new games from (Group Name)."

The proactive solution would have notification that a new game is available, but that the first to accept receives the assignment. Of course, the body of the e-mail would very clearly note that the assignment is first-come, first-served. It would also clearly state that if there are no accept/decline games are on your schedule, someone else already accepted it.

For those Assigners that believe it would prompt too many calls or e-mails questioning why the game wasn't available when they clicked the link...they can either choose to educate their officials about it or simply not use it.

For us, it would be hugely beneficial, especially on those last-minute scenarios where we have to reach out to as many officials as possible to get the game covered.

For your consideration...


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