Easier Reporting of Payment Information

Printing Paysheets is extremely helpful for record keeping.  It lets the official make sure s/he has received payment for all games worked.  It also allows cross checking with 1099s or using a paysheet report when an organization does not issue a 1099.

I have two suggestions regarding printing paysheet reports that would make record keeping both simpler and more accurate (less confusing).

(1) Header Information

(a) In the center of the header appears the word PAYSHEET and underneath it is the *print* date.  The footer already has the print date information.  It would be MORE USEFUL and MUCH EASIER to track payments/deposits if the date in the header could be the actual Paysheet Date as it appears on the Paysheet tab under the Payments tab.

(b) The left and right corners of the header contain the name, address, and phone of the Organization under which the user has *signed in*.  It is *not* the organization that generated the paysheet. It would be LESS CONFUSING if the identification was of the actual organization that generated the Paysheet.

Regardless of what organization the user has selected when logging in, all the multiple Accounts (organizations) of which the user is a member are listed on the left of the Paysheets tab.  The user can select any of those organizations.  Only one at a time can be selected.  Only the paysheets for that organization are shown.  So it should be possible to get the real name/address/phone for the paysheet report header (and not use the logged-in organization).

(2) Footer

To further avoid confusion or misunderstanding, add the word "Printed" or "Created" to the date in the footer.  If more room is needed, the name of the day could be abbreviated or eliminated altogether.



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