"New" game filter for games with ArbiterGame Contract changes to be accepted

I've had several situations where the schools have made game changes where the officials have already accepted. Examples would include past rained out baseball/softball games. Another example is a game several days in the future where the game time/location has changed. 

The most common is a rain out (cancelled) from yesterday or two days ago. The school isn't able to make the change on game day and the officials still show up on ArbiterPay because I (the assigner) didn't see the contract change to accept on my future games with issues.

The contract changes for future events often involve a time or location change, but with the officials' accepted these don't always show up on my future games with issues. They also could be there, but several pages deep on my available lists and I won't see them until several days or weeks after the change was made.

To resolve this issue I'd like to see a filter in the "New" game listing in ArbiterOne to identify any game with a contract change that is pending my acceptance. Perhaps called "Contract Issues". By creating this custom list I can then create a check list to identify those "red contracts" that I need to deal with. It should make them much easier to find and deal with promptly.

I know this only affects those assigners in areas using ArbiterGame. That's why I'd like a filter instead of adding it to the default list of filters on ArbiterOne.


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