Broken sites/bill-to's in add game feature

I am beside myself about this one:

It used to be that you could add a bunch of games using the "+" sign in various views, and the information from the previous game would automatically populate. Thus, if you needed to add a set of 5 games at the same site, you could enter all of the information from the first game and submit, and then the add game screen would show up again and you could change the teams and the start time for the next game. This made it efficient to add a bunch of games at once (in a situation where the total number of games was too small to make it worth building an import spreadsheet).

Suddenly (a couple of months ago), this was somehow broken. Now, as soon as you change the home team on the game, the site changes to the first team alphabetically in the site list and the bill-to blanks out. And, of course, it takes a second to do so, so you are already clicking "save" when you realize they have changed.

I submitted a bug report on this, because I really feel that this is a bug, and I got the answer that is becoming all too familiar from tech support, which is, "It just does that." Well, it didn't used to, and your product is now less intuitive and harder to use, so please change it back to the way it was!


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