the absolutely stupid way you set up blocks.

so to set a block I have to go into the blocks tab, choose the month, select entire day or part day, click on the day, THEN I HAVE TO GO INTO EACH OF 17 (yes seventeen) INDIVIDUAL GROUPS, CLICK ON THE PENCIL, THEN CLICK ON THE FIRM BOX THEN CLICK ON THE DISK ICON ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COLUMN.


yes, I am screaming. this is totally stupid. whoever decided this should be fired. or at least made to fix it.

when I clock something I shouldn't have to go through 3 other steps for each group. I'm actually an adult and when I want to block something I want it blocked.

is it possible to make it work for adults? or are you so into assigners that you make it easy for them to override blocks?

pissed. yes. able to leave? no. product stupid? yes.


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