On ArbiterOne when it is opened by an official on a PC, the main page shows the groups announcements. When the official uses ArbiterConnect App there is no announcement page (tab). Have wondered why some umpires are unaware of the messages on the announcement page and have been advised that many umpires are only using the ArbiterConnect App. There is no announcements tab in the phone app.

Attached shows a sample of messages from the ArbiterOne that do not appear in the ArbiterConnect app. These messages in ArbiterOne are primarily being used to communicate with all umpires and now discovering that many ArbiterConnect users only use this app and never see the information provided on ArbiterOne.

I would like to see the ArbiterOne announcements appear when ArbiterConnect is used.

Announcement Page when using a PC to sign into the AribiterOne account.

ArbiterOne and ArbiterConnect App showing Announcements and No announcements.

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