Could you please make it easier to delete things?

I understand not being able to delete officials who are still assigned to games in the system. Once a year, I clear out old games and then delete officials who aren't coming back.

But deleting other stuff is unnecessarily hard. If I want to delete a level of play, I can't do that if there are teams associated with that level (even if they have no games) or if there are ArbiterPay pay amounts associated with the level. I have to go hunting around to find all of the things associated with the level to delete them before I can delete the level. It would be much nicer if instead it gave me a warning that it would delete those connected items and ask if I wanted to continue. Because, obviously, if I don't need the level, I don't need pay amounts for it.

I've run into similar issues when trying to delete other things, like bill-to's.

Then, of course, are the times when I have tried everything and still need to ask for help from support, either because there isn't a helpful error message or the system is telling me I need to delete things that aren't there.


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