RELEASE NOTES - Updated 11/15/2017

We release updates to our products every two weeks.  We use the product feedback forum for determining many of our updates.  Please continue to share your feedback and upvote the items that you care about.

Upcoming Enhancements


Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

  1. Fixed a bug that left officials on a game after the home school deleted the game
  2. Fixed an issue that didn't update the assigning information on games when mass updating
  3. Fixed an issue that caused game data to not save
  4. Updated the authentication methods to improve performance


Pay Participation Fees with ArbiterPay

  1. You can now pay participation fees to opponents through ArbiterPay.  Fees are tracked through the system so that you can run a report to see which fees you still need to pay and who still owes you.
    Learn more

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that caused the eligibility report to include students who had graduated
  2. Fixed an issue that duplicated the participation and breach fees on games
  3. Improved the performance when sending data to third parties


New Schedule Page as Only Option

  1. Over the past year, we rewrote the schedule page.  We left the previous schedule page around for people who felt more comfortable with it.  Now that we have fully updated the new schedule page, we are turning off the old page.  The new page is faster, more reliable, and provides more filtering abilities (check out the Advanced Filters).

Tracking Participation Fees

  1. You can now track which schools have paid their participation fees.  We're working on the ability to pay those fees through ArbiterPay and a report to see all fees you still need to pay and need to be paid.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue when creating a league schedule that required users to exit the schedule page before they could create games
  2. Fixed an issue that paused importing students to a team if a single student had an error
  3. Fixed an issue when adding games
  4. Fixed an issue that didn't allow tournaments to be accepted
  5. Fixed an issue with declining a contract if the opponent was TBA
  6. Fixed an issue with transportation requests not syncing with SchoolDude


Additional Payment Filter

Based on customer feedback, we added the option of filtering payments by worker or officials.  This will extend to tournaments once you can pay them online.

Breach Fees

We added the ability to enter a breach fee for games.  Breach fees are the amount in restitution required for breach of the game contract.  Breach fee changes can only be done by the home team and will require other schools to accept the change. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed several issues with the League Scheduler
  2. Fixed an issue when trying to assign many workers at once
  3. Fixed an issue when importing students to teams
  4. Fixed an issue that didn't allow practice conflicts to be overridden



  1. We added the ability to create a tournament that is hosted by an opponent.  Once the host has accepted the tournament contract, only they can make future changes.
  2. Added the option to notify opponents and assigners of changes to tournament games
  3. Performance improvements to tournaments
  4. Bug fixes for tournaments

Updated Contract

We updated the game contract to include the participation fee and addendum.  All new games will use the new contract.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that unpublished a game when accepting the contract


Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an error that occurred when viewing the contract for some games
  2. Fixed an error when adding additional opponents to a game
  3. Fixed an issue that required a competitive balance tier for teams that don't use competitive balance
  4. Fixed the All Events report to display tournaments correctly
  5. Fixed the Team Schedule report to display tournaments correctly



Pay officials, workers, and opponents through ArbiterPay.  You can pay workers and officials who are NOT employees.  Learn more here


  1. Add an attachment to a tournament you are hosting.  The attachment will appear on ArbiterLive for your fans to download.
  2. Conflict check games - Now when you add a game to a tournament, it will prompt you if the site or one of the teams is already booked at that time.

Report Updates

  1. Added the notes on a transportation request to the transportation report
  2. Added the number of vehicles to the Excel version of the All Events report
  3. Adjusted the columns for the Excel version of the All Events report

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with accepting tournaments
  2. Fixed an issue with printing contracts


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