April 19th, 2018 (V 38.7)

This release adds 6 new features and fixes 6 issues across 3 products.  Highlights include:

  • Updated License page and Invoice to help you understand payment options
  • Added a payment approval process in AG
  • Added a Late Fee to AW registrations
  • Bug fixes



New Features

  • Added changes to our invoice and License page that will help you understand all of the payment options available to you and which ones are processed more quickly and preferred.
  • Added a feature that allows you to update the values in Custom Fields using a Mass Edit tool.
  • Added the Profile picture and link to the profile and other functionalities to the newer pages in A1.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 132644: Corrected an issue that caused the Travel Fee page to present an error when filtering levels to add into the travel fee being built.
  • Item # 1463: Fixed an issue that caused several of the same emails to be sent out to the same person. This affected several different emails, and all have been corrected.
  • Item # 134539: Corrected an issue that caused Contacts from Schools, etc. to not be able to link their ArbiterPay account to their A1 account.


New Features

  • A payment approval process is now available in AG. At this time the feature will not stop a payment from processing but is an optional process to have the appropriate person review the payment(s) and show their approval.
  • We will now display an error icon to better communicate there is an issue, such as no ArbiterPay account, that would prevent the payment from processing.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 75820: Corrected an issue that caused Boys and Girls eligibilities to be mixed together on the Eligibility report that is pulled from the Reports page.
  • Item # 19849: Fixed an issue that caused an error to be presented when clicking on the Contract icon.


New Features

  • Added the ability to enforce a Late Fee on a registration. You will enter the date where the late fee starts and the amount. The application will then enforce the additional fee.

Defect or Bug

  • Corrected an issue that caused the action to add a registrant to a super group to not function properly. The feature is now working as expected.
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