Not Receiving Emails - Message Center

The Message Center can be used to test whether or not ArbiterSports can successfully deliver emails to the email address listed on the profile. Officials can check their own message center from their profile tab. In addition to this, administrators who have permission to act as users can view the message center of these users.


Checking The Message Center

My email is not blocked but I do not receive notifications


Checking The Message Center

1. Sign in to your account and choose one of the groups that you are an official in 

2. Click on the profile tab in the top right corner

3. Click on the Message Center Link in the top left:

4. Click Check Status to check if your email is blocked. You will get one of two messages, either a green OK or a red Blocked:

5. If blocked, click Unblock Email below the status

Once this is clicked, the email is removed from the block list and emails should start coming through.


My email is not blocked but I do not get notifications

Going through the process listed above will remove you from our blocked list. However, this does not guarantee that you receive notifications. There may be additional issues with your email that are solved by other means.

Adding as a contact in your email address and contacting your email provider may be necessary steps to ensure that you start receiving these emails. If you have gone through this and things still are not working, it would be best to reach out to your email provider for more information.

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  • Avatar
    Derek Quirello

    I am having a difficult time logging into my account. I never changed my password and when I try to reset it, it is asking me questions that I don't think I ever set. Could someone please help me with this. I been a user for 3 years now. Thanks

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    Vern Losh

    Can someone plese fix the iPhone app? It is not displaying the correct information. I called last week and left a message bt noone called back.

    Thanks, Vern

  • Avatar
    Thomas Kvalevog

    if it wont let me sign in with my normal password i will never be able to get a schedule of my games.

  • Avatar
    Angelo Da Silva

    When I will get games to referee?? And I do not know why I do not get my badge by mail yet. I already completed all of the steps and bg check!

    Edited by Angelo Da Silva