Mass Archiving (Deleting) Past Games

As seasons come to an end, many Assigners want to clear out past season's games to start fresh for the new year. Within ArbiterOne there is a tool for Assigners/Admins called Mass Archive that can help accomplish this. Mass Archive allows you to delete a filtered set of your games with just a few clicks.

You will notice that the link says "Mass Archive" rather than "Mass Delete". The reason this wording is used is because when you archive games, the game record still exists for a time in your group. The games are not completely deleted until 45 days after they are archived or until the date selected in step 7.

Before mass archiving, you have to make sure all records attached to those games are deleted. These records are as follows: (You may click the link to find out how to delete these records.)

After those records are deleted, create a custom filter of the games you would like to be deleted.

How to Create a Temporary Filter and Mass Delete:

  1. Go to the Assigning tab

  2. Go to the New button on the right-hand side at the top of your games
  3. Select the desired options to pull up the games
  4. Click Get Results at the top or bottom right-hand corner

  5. Go to the top left-hand corner where the Utilities column is and find the Mass Delete

  6. After clicking on Mass Delete you’ll see this page.

  7. Before clicking Begin Delete, please choose the Permanently Delete Date
    By default, this field will be 45 days from the deletion date but can be changed to another day that you select. For example, if you run the mass archive on 3/10/2016, you can set the Permanently Delete Date for 3/11/2016. Please note that you are unable to reuse Game ID’s until the Permanent Delete date has passed.

  8. Click Begin Delete and click OK.

  9. It will tell you when the request is completed (It may take a short period of time depending on the number of games in the filter) Once you see that it is completed click Exit.






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