Problems Signing In

I try to log in but it tells me that it my password is invalid. How do I get access to my account?

Sometimes you may not be able to log into your account. When this happens be sure that you are...

Spelling your account username and password correctly

Not auto-filling your password field

Changing the password if you forget it

Answering your security questions correctly

Spelling your log in information correctly

1. In Arbiter your username will be the email address that is in your account information. Check the spelling on the email address you use for your account. It is very easy to miss a letter, or use a comma instead of a period when typing ".com". If you ever forget the email you used, your assigner can look up the email address you used from their "Users" tab.

2. Check the spelling on your password. Writing the password down on a piece of paper or typing it somewhere you can see it will help with this. Seeing it written down helps correct any errors you may not be able to see when you log in.


Not auto-filling your password

Many browsers have an "auto-fill" feature that will remember your password and usernames and fill them in automatically for you. These can be helpful to make the log in process quicker and easier but can occasionally save incorrect passwords or fill in passwords you've saved for other sites on Arbiter. If you are using auto-fill and getting a message that your password is incorrect, try disabling auto-fill and entering the password manually to ensure the password is being entered correctly. 


Changing your Password

It still won't let me in, what do I do now?

If you still can't get in you can reset your password if you've forgotten it.

When you reset your password it will ask you to answer your security questions if you have set them up, or will send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you don't have access to your email you can contact us to have the email address changed. 


Answering your security questions correctly

When I try to reset my password, I can't remember my security questions/It won't accept my answers for my security questions. What do I do?

1. The security questions you set need to be entered exactly the same way you entered them originally. This means things like spaces, capitalization, punctuation, etc need to be identical to the original answer.

2. If you still are not able to answer the security questions properly contact us and we can reset those questions for you.



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  • Avatar
    Dale Jones

    I have now tried for three days to get into this. Von dat two it accepted my changed password. Now today, it will not accept the password I setup yesterday. Also, whenever I hit the highlighted change password, nithing happens. I am very frustrated with trying to pay for my license for another year. Please contact Dale Jones at or phone 765-414-6024. Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Barry Ross

    Please call me. My name is Barry Ross, A track and field official. I can sign in but when I click schedule, nothing happens. 609-965-0090

  • Avatar

    I am having similar problems to Dale. It siply won't work. I do not get any messages at all- it just wont; work, even after I successfully changed the password. And I get a message that your help line # has changed. very frustrated! Please call me too 925.417.0589

  • Avatar
    Coach Craig

    I have same problem as Dale, Demonicpotatoes. First I lost access on phones, then on pcs, then on ibook. Only one compuer left. In past I have changed password only for it to not work again. This is a weak system. my number is 914-486-1749

  • Avatar

    I have the same issue, cannot sign in after repeated password change requests. i have a system that you cannot get a live voice... 917 376 3025

  • Avatar
    Joanne Rose

    I have changed my password repeatedly, logged in with it only to be told that it is not valid. I'm losing my mind. I'm logged in on my cell phone yet can't login on my laptop. Have no idea which password is cached on my cell phone. What the heck?!?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Hereim

    I cant get in with any amount of password change attempts. It simply won't recognize my new password, even using the 'forgot my password link". Help!

  • Avatar

    I have tried 4 times to change my password. I have used the 3 previous changes and the system STILL will not let me in. HELP ME PLEASE !!

  • Avatar
    Paul Brady

    I can't get into register. This was NO help

  • Avatar
    Kelley,Neil,UXBRIDGE,US Convenience Sales

    When I try to change the password I don't see the security questions,and when I try to enter/confirm the password it says "an error has occurred"

  • Avatar
    jane ndegwa

    I have tried to login to my account but its not working. i have tried to reset my password but tells me an error has occurred. i dont eveen get the option of security questions....please help....

  • Avatar
    Mark Dodd

    Hello, I need help to login in to my account. The server just keeps searching and says it cannot find the login in site. This has gone on now for about 2 weeks. Thank you. Mark Dodd

  • Avatar
    Azevedo, Thomas

    Hello is there a phone number I can talk to a human? please call my cell phone 774-328-1669

    Edited by Azevedo, Thomas
  • Avatar
    Rocky Goode

    I need to talk to a human also. I can not sign in and can not change my password. 865-805-3605 This is Rocky Goode

  • Avatar
    Ted Ross

    This is no help - I can not get into my account and need to talk to a person as well. Worked last night now it doesn't. All the site gives me is company propaganda. Ted Ross 207-272-6642

  • Avatar
    Gary Furness

    i cannot get an arbiter log on page. i keep getting , i guess,the home
    page,with no ability tolog on
    Help please!
    Gary Furness, MD

  • Avatar

    Joel Bender
    I cannot get my password correct and when I try to go through the security questions it will not accept the correct answers. I turned in a support request (274039) which I have not received any response. I can sign into the Zen site, but this is not helping me to sign into the Arbiter site. Please call at 330-465-7243

  • Avatar
    Ron Marozas

    The normal page from the KSHSAA that allows me to sign into Arbiter sports is not showing up. I just submitted a request to change password and that allowed me get to this page. I had an e-mail that I had a new assignment on arbiter but I still cannot get signed in to my assignment page. Need help

  • Avatar
    Jerome Harrell

    Jerome Harrell
    I have tried everything and nothing works.
    Followed all steps for 2 weeks and can not sign in.
    Security question states did not answer correctly (Favorite Sports Team)
    Please advise as soon as possible.

  • Avatar
    Brian Clark

    Brian Clark - I have been trying for a while to get help - none has been coming. I just want to delete my account and start over. I can't believe this is that difficult. Would be nice if I could speak to a person but apparently system isnt built for customer service.

  • Avatar
    Joe Corso

    Joe Corso: Is there anyone ALIVE at Arbiter? This is ridiculous.

  • Avatar
    Kermit Redmon

    I am having the same problem but, I do not get a prompt for security questions. I later get an e-mail to reset my password but when I click on the website it says it has expired. Can I get some support in fixing this?

  • Avatar

    I cannot see the information for my officiating group and the information to take my test is not showing. Please help

  • Avatar
    Bob Payne

    Call. I can't get in. 615 944 3673 frustrated

  • Avatar
    Jack Regis

    This sucks if you have forgot your security questions how do I get to reset my password

  • Avatar
    Frederick Coleman

    How do I get in to reset my security question, the answer I gave they said it was incorrect, help please.

  • Avatar
    John Kennard

    John Kennard, I can not get in to except my games, I had changed my pass word a couple of times. I need help please.

  • Avatar
    Michael(DOC) Worthington

    This has been the worst situation since i have been with arbiter i have been locked our for five weeks.
    Have tried everything that i know to unlock.
    Nothing works it sayes my login is wrong,security questions are wrong.
    Is there anyone that a person can talk too beside a recording? My password and login has been the same for five years, now all of a sudden nothing work please help.
    Doc worthington

  • Avatar
    Donald Lachman
  • Avatar
    Andrew Fowler

    Andrew Fowler

    Have had NO success getting into the site.... Forgot password procedure went nowhere... Reset password procedure went nowhere... Following the directions leads to dead end... May I please get some human assistance... Please... Just in case, my cell # is 301-213-6706