April 14th, 2016 (V32.4)

This release adds 38 new features and fixes 9 issues across 3 products.  Highlights include:

  • Completed initial feature for Competitive Balance roll out
  • Now allow test scores per eligibility
  • Changes to the handling of Background Checks for minors
  • Added a translation tool
  • Performance enhancements



New Features

  • Improved the performance on the Assigner/EventsView page.
  • Non-English speakers will now have the built in ability to leverage Google Translate to get the site in their native language.
  • Refactored email code on the Assigning pages to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored code on the Contact/GameSheduleEdit page to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored code on the Official/GameSheduleEdit page to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored email code on the Official/Self Assign page to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored code on the Shared/ScheduleCalendar page to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored code on the Shared/Send Welcome page to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored email code on the Shared/ResetPassword page to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored email code on the Assigner/GameSlotEdit page to work more efficiently.
  • Refactored email code on the Assigner/NewGamesView page to work more efficiently.
  • Users will now be forced to change their passwords once per year. This is a requirement for PCI compliance.
  • There is no longer an option to delete 1099 payment records. This was changed to ensure that 1099 data is accurate.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 209089: Eliminated the possibility for an Assigner to submit a payment twice if they submit, refresh the page, and then attempt to submit again.
  • Item # 215697: Corrected an issue where game filters were not processing sport and team information correctly.
  • Item # 128606: Fixed an issue where the Completed Evaluations report had duplicate information.




New Features

  • Added a Report to the Competitive Balance feature that allows administrators to see a list of teams and the number of players that have in each of the defined Tiers.
  • Added filter options by School, Season, and Sport to aid in the analysis of data.
  • Data for Competitive Balance is now exportable into a spreadsheet. The data will show schools, number of students in each defined Tier, and show the adjusted enrollment.
  • Added a what you see is what you get email builder.
  • Updated navigation on the League Scheduler page.
  • Schedule is renamed to Select Schedule page.
    • Once an opponent has been selected, they will no longer be on the select list.
    • Email and Print options are active before the total schedule is complete and has been saved.
    • The initial landing page has been renamed to League Scheduler.
    • Corrected the formatting of the Create New button to be consistent with the ArbiterGame style.
    • Overview page is now League Schedule.
    • Added print and email buttons to the League Schedule page.
    • Removed navigation to pages that do not have data, because the process has not been completed in order to simplify the experience.
    • Changed the League Scheduler Settings page to Settings.
    • Added better messaging if creating a schedule that includes a School that already has an entered schedule.
    • Created a default teams selected to 8.
    • If the schedule is being created and the team and year have not been selected, Please Select will be the default option.
    • Levels page has been renamed to Add Schedules for Other Teams page.
    • Added a Next button that takes you to the Schedule page.
    • Added messaging if no levels have been set that directs the user to Schedule page and says, "Click the "Add Schedule" button to create schedules for other teams using the same schedule. You can choose the day offset, start time, and to swap home/away for the other teams."
    • Moved the Add Schedule button and made it conform to existing style.
  • Refactored code in core areas to work more efficiently.

 Defect or Bug

  • Item # 215760: Corrected an issue where the app was not filtering Officials correctly by distance.
  • Corrected an issue that would not show schools with no entered students in the un-submitted category.
  • Child games were using the assigning settings of the parent game. If Varsity was assigned by an assigner but the JV was school assigned, the JV game was being sent to the assigner. The assigner settings should use the team's default.
  • Corrected two minor typos in the Competitive Balance pages.



New Features

  • Updated the background check consent wording to be more clear. The position of the agreement wording was moved to facilitate clarity.
  • Allow the test score to be custom per eligibility for example, Registered status requires a 75 and Certified requires a 90.
  • If a background check is requested for a minor, it will always come back as passed. It is not legal to run a check on a minor. The expiration will automatically be set for their 18th birthday and the check can be run at that point.

 Defect or Bug

  • Item # 213913: Corrected an issue that prevented some Officials from seeing all the required In-Person Clinics necessary for Eligibility.
  • Item # 223904: Ensured that the enforcement of requiring Social Security Numbers during the registration process is being handled correctly.
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