How to Reset Your ArbiterOne Password

It happens to all of us. We forget the password to the account and we really need to login. ArbiterSports has implemented a faster, safer way to reset a password if needed. With this, the user does not need to worry about not getting a reset password sent to them and not getting the reset email. This can only work if you have set up the two security questions asked upon login in. 


Resetting Your Password

  1.  Go to ArbiterSports and click on Login located at the top right
  2. Click on the blue Forgot Password? link
  3. Enter the email that you are going to reset the password for and click on Send

  4. Answer the First Security Question and click on Continue
  5. Answer the Second Security Question and click on Continue
  6. If all of those questions were answered correctly, you'll be given an option to type in a new password and confirm it. Then, click on Change Password

  7. After that, you'll be asked to go to the Sign In page to use the new password


If you are looking to reset your password for ArbiterPay, click HERE

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    Bob Block

    I changed my password on the document you sent me at 3:24 The document reflecterd that I successfully changed my password, but when I go to the page that says my password has expired, it will not accept the password to which I just changed. Please have someone call me at 512-4458-3532 today before 6 p.m. Central Time or tomorrow morning after 10 a.m. Central Time.