March 2nd, 2016 (V32.1)

This release adds 17 new features and fixes 10 issues across 3 products.  Highlights include:

  • Added League Scheduling and Competitive features in ArbiterGame for production testing. Full functionality and public release is scheduled for end of March.
  • Added Security Questions and a new Login page.



New Features

  • All deleted teams will no longer show on any pages inside ArbiterOne.
  • Added new styling to the login page.
  • Added security questions that will be used to reset your password and help verify your identity.
  • Changed the flow to reset your password. There will no longer be an email and you will have the ability to reset your password immediately, once you answer the questions correctly.
  • Added an area to you profile to update/change your security questions.
  • Added an internal ability to turn pieces of the upgrade process on or off in order to better manage and help get groups through that process.
  • Added a new reporting tool to be featured in the ArbiterOne report Center. This will allow ArbiterSports staff to create reports more quickly.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 209118: Corrected an issue when upgrading Teams that allow you to move forward with a specific error that is actionable.
  • Item # 141388: If a team only has deleted games it we are now able to delete it.
  • Item # 194514: Fixed an issue where one used the last name filter on the Users page it was throwing an error and moving to the Announcements page. The filter now functions as expected.
  • Item # 193817: For some Officials, there schedule was not displaying properly. The issue was corrected and functionality is back to expected.



New Features

  • League Scheduling has been added as a payable option in ArbiterGame.
    • Added ability to set teams in the league’s schedule.
    • Added an email that can be sent to all School Athletic Directors that contains schedule information.
    • Added a printable league schedule.
    • Added the ability to release all created games in the league schedule.
    • We have the ability to mirror next year’s schedule from this year’s games.
  • Added a new feature to balance competition across public and private schools that takes into account the ability for some schools to recruit and other being prohibited.
  • Added a new reporting tool to be featured in the ArbiterGame report Center. This will allow ArbiterSports staff to create reports more quickly.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 200381: Corrected an issue which prevented an Admin from acting as the specific school. The application was defaulting them to the first school in the list, instead of the selected school.
  • Item # 182449: Fixed an issue that prevented the paid assignments filter from functioning properly.
  • Item # 141388: Created a feature to allow the Admin of an account to pick when a team is permanently delete



New Features

  • Attached ArbiterWorks to the new login process.
  • Eliminated the second login entry point in ArbiterWorks.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 211894: Corrected an issue that mistakenly gave eligibility to Officials even though they had not attended a required In-Person event.
  • Item # 203495: Fixed an issue that removed the ability to Sort and Search when monitoring registrations.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Brainshark service from updating eligibility correctly.



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