Using the 1099 Module for ArbiterOne Contacts

The 1099 season can be rough if you're not ready with the correct information. Below is a guide on what to get done to get ready for the 2016 1099 season. As a contact you can access the 1099 module if your group administrator has paid for it. To access the module you must have a Bill-To relationship, set by your assigner, then you go to your schedule page and click on the 1099 link in the 'Create 1099' column to get started


Ensure all payments are accurate, dated, & marked as ‘Paid’ for the 2016 Tax Year

1099s amounts are not tied to current paysheets.  Instead, when a paysheet is paid, the amount that was paid, is now added to a new 'Payments' table.  It is this payments table that the 1099s amounts are calculated from.  This allows groups to delete paysheets after they have been paid.

Obtain a TCC Number from the IRS if your Organization does not currently have one

Because Arbiter only supports electronic filing to the IRS, your organization must obtain a Transmitter Control Code number. To obtain a TCC, complete IRS Form 4419 (available at and either fax or mail it to the IRS. The IRS normally indicates it will require two weeks to generate a TCC after a request is received.  For Question 8 the correct selection is 'I have or will have software which will format my data into the IRS required format'.  For assistance in completing the form, please contact the IRS at 866-455-7438 and select the menu option for TCC numbers. Your TCC number does NOT change from year to year, so be sure to record it accurately.


Check the 1099 screen for accuracy of data and to look for missing SSNs/TINs

Upon landing on your 1099 preview page, make sure that your organization/company name, address and phone number are correctly listed and set for the correct year. Correct any inaccurate data. The TIN and TCC need to be entered at the time you generate your 1099 forms and Electronic File. You may enter your SSN as the TIN if your organization has not incorporated. The TIN field must be completed with numbers only (no hyphens), or your Electronic File will be rejected by the IRS.

Check to see that each of your Officials and Event Workers have a Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number as part of their profile. SSNs/TINs can be formatted with or without hyphens, but no other characters or double-hyphens are accepted by the IRS. We advise you to ask your Officials and Event Workers to review their personal profile before you generate 1099’s so that their legal names, addresses, and SSN’s/TINs are updated. 

Review the list of Officials and Event Workers, along with their 1099 amounts for accuracy. Amounts from any ArbiterSports accounts that have the same TIN listed will be combined.  Therefore, a group with multiple Arbiter accounts can now issue 1099s that will include the combined amounts of all of their groups with the same TIN listed under the 1099 section.


Generate and distribute 1099 forms to Officials and Event Workers

PLEASE NOTE* 2015 1099s WILL NOT be available to be generated until Monday January 18, 2016.

Once the information is accurate, forms can be distributed to Officials and Event Workers in one of three methods:

  • Allow Officials to print their own 1099 from within Arbiter. Check the box to 'Make Available to Officials'.  This adds a ‘Create 1099’ button to the 1099 sub-tab found on each Official's or Event Worker’s Payments tab for all individuals whose tax year payments exceed the ‘Payments Over’ amount set on the 1099 admin screen.  Clicking this button allows Officials and Event Workers to generate their 1099 in PDF format.  We recommend that a PDF copy of all 1099s be saved to disk so that if an Official comes to you at a later date for a hard-copy of their 1099, you are able to provide it.  The association TIN, TCC, Address and ‘Payments Over’ must be entered before the 1099s can be made printable to Officials and Event Workers.  1099s will be available online even if you've deleted the corresponding games. 
  • Print and mail / handout forms. Create and print the forms by clicking the ‘Print Forms’ button (your TIN and TCC must be entered prior to generating the forms). In addition to printing the forms for Officials and Event Workers, we recommend that a copy of the PDF 1099 report be saved for backup purposes. The IRS requires that 2016 1099s be delivered or postmarked by January 31, 2017.
  • Email forms. Click the 'Email Officials' button on the 1099 page to email a PDF version of each 1099 to your Officials and Event Workers.  Be aware that your TIN is displayed on each copy.  If you don't feel comfortable with your TIN being emailed, you should not select this option.  The SSN of the Officials or Event Workers only displays the last four digits in the emailed copy of their 1099. This protects their personal information and is an approved method by the IRS.


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