How to Opt In (Or Out) for 1099s under ArbiterPay's TIN

All ArbiterPay payors have the option to have ArbiterPay issue 1099s for all qualified officials and/or workers that were paid by their organization. This service comes with a 25 percent increase in processing fees for the payors. If you choose to opt in for this service in the middle of the calendar year your account will be charged the extra 25 percent from previous processing fees. If you would like opt in to this service please follow the directions below:

  1. Sign into your ArbiterPay account on
  2. Click the My Profile option on the left hand side.

  3. You will then have a box called My Preferences at the top of the screen in the white section, click on it. 

  4. At the bottom of your preferences there is a section called Other. This section will tell you if 1099s are issued under your own TIN or under ArbiterPay's TIN. If it is blank then 1099s are issued under your own TIN.

  5. To make changes you will have to click on the Modify button below, then you can click on the option to have 1099s issued Under ArbiterPay's TIN.

  6. To finalize the selection, you must enter the 4 digit Security Key or PIN for your ArbiterPay account and click on the Save button below.

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