September 30, 2015 (30.7)

This release adds 28 new features and fixes 12 issues across 3 products. Highlights include:

  • Updates for ArbiterPay+
  • Healthy dose of bug fixes for the busy season
  • General performance updates



New Features

  • Optimized the page when assigning Officials to games. This is the first step in optimizing the process.
  • Reduced the traffic from the New Games View page to improve performance.
  • Removed Echonet and ProtectPay from the list of payment gateways available to choose.
  • Rebuilt the data structure behind payment gateway options.
  • Implemented structure to support payments through Vantiv payment processing service. That code is turned off pending Vantiv’s approval process.
  • Admins now have the ability to add a TBA site to a game and not have conflicts.
  • Officials can now be deleted in a similar manner to games.
  • Eliminated the ability to see deleted Officials from the following pages:
    • Users
    • Ranks
    • Assigning page
    • Invite attendees to event
    • Permissions
    • Advanced Permissions
    • Add from supergroup
    • Scopes
  • Removed deleted Officials from being counted against a group’s license.
  • Improved performance on the Game Edit Confirm page.
  • Added a page that allows Officials to purchase gear from RefLocker.
  • Improved the Self-Assign page performance through optimizing database calls.
  • Added the ability to publish maintenance announcements in advance to communicate to customer when we will have scheduled downtime.
  • Changed the way Game Edit Confirm email calls for data are processed to be more efficient.

Defect or Bug

  • Corrected WEHAA API issues preventing timely data pass through.
  • Ticket# 125169: Corrected issues that prevented Game Change emails from sending correctly when users do not have a Connected subscription.
  • Ticket# 141883: Corrected an issue that prevented Game Reminder emails from going out to Contacts in specific cases.



New Features

  • When a student is added to a team the student’s sport history is updated.
  • When a student is removed from a team the student’s sport history is updated.
  • Added a filter for students by year, so we can now limit the list of students to those that played this year.
  • Completed integration to OHSAA through an API.

Defect or Bug

  • Ticket# 135465: On away games corrected an issue that prevented the transportation request from being sent to SchoolDude.
  • Ticket# 67962: Corrected a bug with Smart Scheduler that prevented additional games from being created for any type, except League games.
  • Ticket# 137053: When adding an Event Worker if they have an ArbiterPay account, that account is auto linked if they have an account as an Official.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Student Certificates from printing with all data.
  • Ticket# 130643: Corrected errors that prevented mapping a site and sub-site to a SchoolDude location and room.



New Features

  • Optimized the deployment process to make daytime deployments possible.
  • Updated and distributed ArbiterPay+ API documentation to implementing partners.
  • Added the ability to pay an Official without a linked ArbiterPay account.
  • Enhanced the performance of the Payments page.
  • Added the ArbiterPay transaction numbers to the records in ArbiterPay+ to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Added the ability to display over 100 games on a page with the ability to adjust to preference.
  • Added the ability to filter by sport, level, and gender.
  • Updated the way payments are processed to perform payments in a queue and report back when done to facilitate page performance.
  • Added the ability to paginate search results.
  • Updated page and data refresh to work as expected with new payment processing and display pending payments properly.
  • Added the ability to download search and selection results of the Payments page onto an Excel spreadsheet for reporting of payments.

Defect or Bug

  • Corrected interface issues that lead to the possibility of duplicating payments in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible in rare cases to have duplicate slots for game payments.
  • Made the counter consistent with the selection details. The display was [possible to see different number in some cases.
  • Updated the style on the date picker to be consistent with the rest of the page.


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