Uploading Funds to ArbiterPay

Within ArbiterPay, account holders can upload funds via electronically or via Check. To be able to upload funds into an ArbiterPay account, it is required to have a Paying Administrator or a School account with ArbiterPay. To register for an account, click HERE


Electronic Funds Upload

Via Check


Electronic Funds Upload

  1. Login into ArbiterPay and go to the Transfers tab

  2. Under the category of Fund Account, click on Enter located next to Upload Funds into ArbiterPay (EFT).

  3. A warning will show up to warn the user that a request to upload funds is being selected. If wanting to proceed, click Yes.
  4. On section Debit from Bank Account, proceed to enter the bank account information that the funds are coming from.

  5. On section Credit to Account, select the ArbiterPay account number that the funds will be uploaded to.

  6. On section Transfer Details, specify the Amount to Transfer. The transfer fee is fee, but it could vary depending on your bank. Please check with your bank if any fee would be applicable. Enter the Security Key of the ArbiterPay account and click on Continue. 

  7. A confirmation page will be displayed to make sure that the information entered is correct. It's recommended that it's looked at carefully and thoroughly before hitting on the Submit button. 

Below is a chart on when the funds will be uploaded. 


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Via Check

To fund an account via check that includes a W-9, click on the link below. 

Funding ArbiterPay Via Check


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