System Maintenance Task Schedule and Fees

Below is a list of all of the tasks that System Maintenance can do for an assignor along with the details, the cost that comes with the task, and the time to complete the task.


These task take 5 - 7 business days to be completed. Exceptions to that time are Restores for games deleted on 8-13-2015 or before (7 days) and Nightly Jobs/Scheduled Tasks/Custom Work Flows(negotiated).


*NOTE: Business Days are Monday - Friday, not including ArbiterSports Holidays. The business day count starts the day after the request is received by Support.  


Task Type Details Cost
1099 Updates Update, Delete $50.00
Add Entities Add $50.00
Assigning Fee Formulas Add, Update No Charge
Auto Accepts Update $50.00
Background Check Updates Update Delete $50.00
Clinics Updates Update, Delete $50.00
Custom Reports/Reporting Services Add, Update Reports $150.00
Custom Schedules Add, Update $50.00
Eligibility Updates Add, Update, Delete $50.00
Evaluation Updates Reports, Delete, Update, Copy Over $100.00
Game Fee Formulas Add, Update $300.00
Game Updates

Teams, Levels, Sports, Slots, Delete,

Invoice Updates Delete Receipts, Delete Invoices $50.00
Level Updates Alphabetize, Re-Order, Copy Over $50.00
Merge Billtos Merge $50.00
Merge Entities Merge $50.00
Merge Sites Merge $50.00
Merge Users Bug Patches $50.00
Nightly Jobs/Scheduled tasks/Custom Work Flows Add, Update Negotiated/Minimum $500
Officials Blocks Updates Copy Over, Delete $50.00
Paysheet Updates Update Check #, Delete, Pull data $50.00
Permission Updates Update, Delete $50.00
Position Updates Copy Over $50.00
Rank Updates Add, Update, Delete $50.00
Registration Data Updates Add, Update, Delete Reg Data $100.00
Registration Formulas Add, Update No Charge
Data Restores Games, Paysheets, Users $200 base fee + $100/hour for restores that require more than two hours of work
SchoolDude Updates Update No Charge
Slot Updates Update, Delete $50.00
Students Updates Copy Over, Update, Delete $50.00
SubSite Updates Add, Update, Delete  $50.00
Test Updates Update $50.00
Travel Formulas Add, Update No Charge
User Updates (Active, Not Ready) etc. $50.00
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