August 12, 2015 (V30.4)

This release adds 24 new features and fixes 12 issues across 5 products.  Highlights include:

  • Performance enhancements to Game Mass Delete
  • Added Mobile features in preparation for release
  • Major enhancements to ArbiterPay+



New Features

  • Altered the way Games Mass Delete functions to speed the process and make restoring games simpler.
  • Built out better logic for retrying when sending outbound emails.
  • Added tracking for all Game Mass Delete items.

Defect or Bug

  • Ticket# 122573: Corrected an issue that caused games to be accepted when editing blocks on the same day.
  • Ticket# 102587: Fixed an issue where if a group was utilizing the "Enforce Accept By Date", the system should be automatically declining the game for the official if the game is not accepted by the set Accept By Date.
  • The application now correctly excludes background checks from being submitted for Officials that do not have a proper Social Security Number entered.
  • On the Mass Link page corrected a spelling error that displayed unliked and now properly says, un-linked.
  • Corrected a timeout issue that was affecting one group on the REST API.



New Features

  • Updated the authentication process to be more efficient.
  • Closed a loophole for accounts that were not created properly to treat an account with no expiration date the same as if they were expired.
  • Added the ability to mark a slot as paid without sending payment through to ArbiterPay.
  • Updated the Student Import Template for better organization of data and added the ability to import class requirements.

Defect or Bug

  • Corrected an error when submitting Mass Update Students.
  • When adding multiple students and then using the search feature, the previously added student was being cleared out. This issue has been corrected.



New Features

  • Built sample API code and provided to potential partners.
  • Added Slot information to the API.
  • Added the ability to get Positions through the API.
  • Added a save success messaging to the Official page.
  • Added required indicators to fields on Official page.
  • Now clear the entry form when adding an Official record upon save.
  • Added a check for existing email address use when adding an Official.
  • Added required indicators to fields on Event page.
  • All games enter now have a default status of Normal.
  • Now shows a message to indicate that there are 0 matching search results.
  • Redefined the display of games to be only games ready to be paid to reduce confusion.
  • Removed the GroupID field from the Official page.
  • Improved error messaging in API when error is caused by the ArbiterPay account not being set up.
  • Now allow the user to select which group they are working in at the top Group Levels are now displayed instead of generic Levels.

Defect or Bug

  • Fixed a save error on the Official page.
  • Corrected issues with correct slot counts on Assignment page.
  • Correctly label the SSN field from SSN.
  • Changed label to Personal Information from Administrator ID.



New Features

  • Added the ability to purchase a connected subscription for both Andriod and iOS users through in app purchases.
  • Added the ability to export your schedule via iCal for Connected subscribers.
  • Clicking on an address in the app opens the default mapping app with the address displayed on the map.

Defect or Bug

  • None



New Features

  • Added the ability for Admins to re-score test questions or just give credit for questions that are later found to have issues.

Defect of Bug

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the verbiage section from loading when editing a test question.
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