Breaking Changes with Game Mass Deletes

In preparation for the busiest time of the year in sports, we are releasing an update to how our game delete process works.  In the past, games were completely removed from your account.  The new process marks the game as deleted, instead of completely removing it from the system.  The change has many benefits, but introduces a few temporary changes.


  1. Site Performance:  The change cuts the run time from up to 6:00 minutes down to as little as 2 seconds!  With all of the pieces relating to games, the new process has to do a lot less.  On top of being faster for those running the delete, it will avoid lockups for other clients.
  2. Easier Restores: If you happen to delete a game, or many games, and wish you could get the game back quickly, we can help much more effectively now. 
  3. Archived Information:  Many clients have told us that they would like to remove things from their account to avoid clutter, but do not want to permanently lose the information.  Our new delete process allows us to archive data for future use.


Changed Functionality

With the changes to the delete process, the following items will be temporarily disabled.  We will restore these functions as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we have provided a workaround for each item.

  1. Cannot delete sports, levels, or positions on deleted games - If you have any deleted games, you will not be able to delete the sports, levels, or positions for those games.  Workaround:  Rename the sport or level "DELETED" so that others know not to use it.  Since the games for this sport would already be deleted, only those entering games would see the sport option.  Once the ability to fully delete is restored, you can delete any renamed sports and levels.
  2. Cannot unrank officials on deleted games - If an official is assigned to a game that has been deleted, you cannot unrank the official for positions within the sport of that game.  Workaround:  Rank the official as 999 so that they do not receive assignments.
  3. Cannot reuse gameIDs - Each game added will continue incrementing from the previous game IDs.  We do not plan to change how this works.


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    Karen Druffel

    Hi, when was this posted?

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    Tony Hasiuk

    Not being able to reuse GameID's is a shame. I coordinate the Game ID with our leagues so their game numbers match ours in Arbiter. Just by looking at the game number we can tell the age group and division... I can sort by game Id and it easily groups games by league in a single click rather than reorder the sort orders.

    Can Arbiter create a new 'optional' field called Game Number, or even add the functionality to permanently delete the game in the case of a botched import?

    Edited by Tony Hasiuk
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    Nathan Evans


    One option to get aroundthatnow is to add a number to your game numbers. For example, if you add 10000 to all game numbers, then your same numbers would appear as 10001, 10002, etc. Some clients append the current year to the front.

    We have a custom game ID that integrates with third parties. It is not part of the current import template, but we plan on adding it in the future.

    Games are removed after 45 days, so you can reuse game IDs if the previous games were removed early enough.