July 15, 2015 (v30.2)

This release adds 20 new features and fixes 2 issues across 4 products. Highlights include:

  • Addition of MyLocker store to ArbiterLive
  • Added Mobile features in preparation for release
  • Performance enhancements



New Features

  • Mass email will have an improved retry function that is implemented in the new structure in preparation for moving to a new architecture.
  • New Self Assign Game email has been moved to the new email architecture and performance has been improved. A bug was also fixed that sent duplicate emails to officials.
  • Moved Game Change Notification (Game Edit Confirm in ArbiterOne) to the new email architecture. We also improved performance by reducing the load on the database and simplifying the structure of the actual email.

Defect or Bug

  • Ticket# 101867: When an assigner edits a slot status from "Pending" to "Published", the site continues to spin and never loads the completed change. Everything works and saves, but the user must exit the page and come back in to see the update. This item is now resolved. Performance improvements in conjunction with this effort will also prevent duplicate emails from being sent.




New Features

  • MyLocker Store
    • Added an ArbiterLive management page to allow Admins to manage content pushed to their ArbiterLive site(s).
    • Added the ability to turn the MyLocker store on or off from displaying on your ArbiterLive site(s).
    • Added a Store tab to ArbiterLive that will display a specific school-centric MyLocker store. Anyone subscribing to the school’s ArbiterLive feed will have direct access to the school store.
  • Added the ability to add an athlete from the opposite gender to a team. For example, you can add a female Place-Kicker to a Boys Football team and pull from an existing list of female students.
  • Added email notification for event workers that they have been removed from a game.
  • Moved the print link for the Eligibility List from the Team Roster Page to the Action link, instead of having a dedicated button.
  • Performance enhancements to load the Students page.

Defect or Bug

  • Ticket# 105583: Corrected an issue where schools with ArbiterGame accounts were not sent a game change request (GCR) after the change was properly processed. The GCR will follow these rules:
    • If at least one school still needs to accept the GCR, it would not be deleted but it would be marked as accepting the change.
    • If no schools still need to accept the GCR, then the change would be applied to the game and the GCR would be deleted.
    • We want to include some refactoring so that game updates from all products have the same process.


New Features

  • Updates to the mobile app.  We are excited to get the mobile app out.  It will be released soon!

Defect or Bug

  • None
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