Step 6: Add Event Workers - 20 minutes

To get the most of our ArbiterGame, we strongly recommend managing your event workers.  Using ArbiterGame saves you time in communicating with, tracking, and even paying event workers. 

For the complete help article on Event Workers, see this help article.

Let's Get Started

First, click on the Workers tab.  You will see the list of your current workers if you've added any.  From there, click on the Add Event Workers link. 

When adding an event worker, an email address is required.  Enter the email address of the event worker.  If the event worker's email address is already on file with ArbiterSports, you will not need to enter their information.  Enter the other details and click save.

You can now go to the schedule page and add event workers on games.

Do More

To learn about setting up event worker defaults, notifying event workers, and paying event workers, see our in-depth Event Worker article.

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