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ArbiterPay+ allows colleges to consolidate their payment process to officials across scheduling platforms.  In this help article, we will cover the steps to issue payments to officials.  Each of the components below is also supported by the API process.

Set Up

Assigning Games

Making Payments



Before using ArbiterPay+, you will need to get your account setup.  Our team has setup the majority of the information for you.  For those making payments through a partner, the setup below will be handled through the API and no further action is required.

To make any adjustments, follow the instructions below.  For all of the setup items, start by logging into


Sites are the locations where games are played.  Each site has a set of subsites, which are playing areas at a site.  For example, a site may be a university, and the subsites would be the football stadium, basketball stadium, swimming pool, etc.  To make adjustments to sites, visit the full Sites help article.


The sports for your account will be set up beforehand.  If you need to add an additional sport or change the name, please visit the full Sports help article for more information.


Levels allow you to indicate the division for each game.  If you need to add or change a level, visit the full Levels help article for more information.



Positions indicate the name and number of assignments for each game.  Positions are set on a per level basis.  The default positions have been set up, but you can make adjustments using the Positions help article.


A billto indicates which entity will be billed for officiating services.  For example, in a tournament game, the conference would be billed.  For regular season games, the school would be billed.  To make adjustments to your list of billtos, visit the full Billtos help article.


You can add officials from within ArbiterPay+.

  1. Upon logging in, click on the Official tab.
  2. Enter the information for the official. All fields are required. 
  3. Save the official's information by clicking on Save located at the bottom right corner.


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Assigning Games

Once set up, you will need to add games and assign officials prior to making payments.  Officials who have been assigned can be paid through their ArbiterPay account.

Adding games
After going through the setup steps above, click on the Event tab.  From this page, enter the details for each game of your games.

If one of the items from the setup section is missing, email support@arbitersports to get it added to your account.  If you use a partner for scheduling, you will not need to add games as they will be submitted through the partner integration.


Assigning games
Now that you've added your games, you can assign officials to them.  Only officials who are part of your account will be eligible for assignment.  Follow these steps to assign officials to your game.

  1. Click on the Assign tab and the slot number (far right) for the game you want to assign.
  2. After clicking the slots, the positions for the game will appear.
  3. Select the Assign option for the position you want to assign.
  4. Search for the official who worked the game.
  5. Click 'Select' on the right hand side of the row for that official.


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Making Payments

For games that in the past, you can issue payments electronically to your officials.


  1. Click on the Search page to display a list of all payments that need to be made.
  2. Set the correct date range for the payments and then click on Go
  3. You can select everyone for a game by clicking the Pay All option.  If you would like to pay officials one at a time, click on the dollar sign for the game.
  4. On the list of officials, click the Pay button for each official you want to issue payments to.


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Running reports

Coming Soon.

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