MyLocker Store on ArbiterLive

The MyLocker Store provides schools with a revenue generating opportunity.  Schools earn 12% of the revenue from purchases made by their community.  The money is given back to the school via check each quarter.

How it works

  1. Turn on the MyLocker store.  It is turned on by default, so unless it's been turned off, you don't have to do anything.
  2. Your community visits ArbiterLive and clicks on the store. 
  3. You earn 12% of all purchases for your school.
  4. Each quarter, MyLocker mails you a check for your revenue.  If the revenue is under $50.00, you must request a check or it will be delayed until the following quarter.



How do I turn on the store?  The MyLocker Store requires no set up, and each ArbiterGame account comes with the store enabled.  

How often will I be paid?  At the end of each quarter, if your school's current commissions are over $50.00 USD, MyLocker will send your school a check for the earnings.  If your school's current commissions are under $50.00 USD, you can request a check. 

Can I resell merchandise?  Absolutely.  You can make a bulk purchase with your custom design and resell them locally at your own price.  To get started, just go to your MyLocker Store on ArbiterLive and select the item you'd like to purchase.

Can I monitor traffic on my store?  Yes.  To monitor traffic on your MyLocker store, go to  Sign in to the site (if you do not know your login information, contact MyLocker).  Once signed in, you can see page views, unique visitors, number or orders, and commission details.

Do I have to sign up?  No.  With your ArbiterGame account, you automatically have a storefront. 

Can I turn off the store?  Yes.  If you need to turn off the storefront, log into ArbiterGame and go to Settings >> ArbiterLive and uncheck the option for the MyLocker store. 

What if my store ArbiterLive doesn't link to the right MyLocker page?  Contact the MyLocker team. Before contacting them, collect your school information and ArbiterGame account number (found when logging in).  They will link your ArbiterGame account to the correct MyLocker account.

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