Step 5: Adding Games - 30 minutes per season

Adding and Editing Individual Events

When adding events in ArbiterGame™, there are two types to consider: (1) games, meets, and tournaments, which have opponents or “away” teams, and (2) practices and non-sporting events hosted by the school, such as pep rallies, plays, assemblies, or dances.

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Let’s Get Started

Although the information on pages 40 through 47 addresses how to add/edit games and tournaments, you will follow the same basic steps when adding practices, meets, or other events.

Creating a New Game

The information that follows describes processes for creating a new game (either a home game or an “away” game).

Note: To add multiple opponents to a meet, select the Meet option.  Use this for sports such as wrestling, track, swimming, or cross country.


Adding a Home Game

Use the process detailed below to add an individual home game. If you have several games to add, you will save time by first entering all home games for a team and then entering all away games using the Create Game & New button at the bottom, right-hand corner of the Create Game screen. This way, you only have to change the opponent and date for most games.

  1. Select your team from the Match-Up dropdown list. The screen refreshes to display the team defaults that were previously set up.
  2. Select your Opponent from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the Home icon.
  4. Type information into the Where, When, and Info sections.
  5. Select the Set Up Time and Clean Up Time in the Facility Request section for home games. You DO NOT need to click either of the check boxes in this section.
  6. Complete the Officials section for home games based how your school assigns officials. For schools using assigners: if you don’t see the option An ArbiterOne Assigning Group in this drop-down list, you must edit the team (see Warm ups), and provide assigning group information so you can have officials assigned through ArbiterOne™. Otherwise, you will only see options here for School Assigned or No Officials Required.


Adding an Away Game

Now, let’s see how the process for adding an away game differs from adding a home game. There are only three differences in the Create Game screen: you select the Away icon, you complete the Transportation Request fields, and you DO NOT assign officials.

  1. To add an “away” game, first select the Away icon.
  2. Provide information in theTransportation Request section.
    You are not required to click either of the check boxes in this area.
  3. When all sections are complete, remember to click Create Game to save.
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