Part 4: Integrate with SchoolDude

Based on our feedback from schools, over 90 percent of schools are required to enter their schedules on more than one site.  This duplicate entry can take up a lot of administrative time and allows for miscommunications.  With the integration with SchoolDude, you can eliminate duplicate entry with your facilities and transportation departments.

Avoid Double Entry

With the SchoolDude integration, when you add a game, practice, or other event, you can automatically submit the facility and transportation information SchoolDude.  As you make changes to your schedule, the changes will be sent to the right department for approval so you don't need to remember to communicate those changes.

To complete the communication feedback, once the facilities or transportation request is accepted within SchoolDude, a notice is sent back and your request will show green (good to go). 

Save more time and avoid last minute emergencies by setting up the integration.  To set up the integration, contact SchoolDude to set up ConnectArbiter.


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