Step 0: Get Familiar with ArbiterGame

In this help article, you will get familiar with ArbiterGame and terms used in the site.  If you're the type to jump right in, feel free to skip over to Step 1.


Let's jump right in with the navigation.

  • Schedule
    When you first sign in, you will be taken to the schedule page.  By default, the schedule page will show your upcoming 10 days, broken into groups by date.  The schedule displays all games, practices, tournaments, and non-game events. 
  • Students
    Import your students, create rosters, run eligibility lists, and print certificates.
  • Payments
    Pay officials and event workers through your ArbiterPay account.
  • Teams
    Set up which teams you sponsor, manage default settings, and manage team rosters.
  • Sites
    Manage the locations of your events, input direction information, and track subsites.
  • Opponents
    Choose which opponents appear when adding games and tournaments.
  • Workers
    Add a roster of event workers for your games, such as concessions, ticket takers, announcers, security, and more.
  • Settings
    Update your school information and display settings for parents.


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